Guan Yinfu
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BMCA Exhibition

Guan Yinfu

1975 Born in Qiqiha’er, Heilongjiang province, China

2002-Graduated from The Central Academy of Drama, Theatre Arts department, Stage Design major .


Solo Exhibition

2013-Guan Yinfu ≥ Objecthood   Jing Gallery, Beijing, China.


Group Exhibitions

2017-Vivivid, Fingerprint Gallery, Beijing, China.

2016-Dingyun Art Salon Collection Exhibition, Wuhan, China.

2015-Concealed Power Yang Art Museum, Beijing , China.

2014-Soft Abstraction as Constellation, UCCA Store, China.

2014-The Being of Non Being  Linda Gallery, Beijing, China.

2013-Heiqiao Night Away Beijing, China.

2013-Internai/External: The Form and Vision of  Concept  Tong Gallery,  Beijing, China.

2013-Simulacrum and Image Da xiang Art space, Taiwan, China.

2012-Against Space –Eight Kinds of Attitude and Situation About Painting, Beijing. China。

2012-Art Taipei  Yang Gallery, Taiwan, China.

2012-Painting Lesson-Negative And Positive Style Yang Gallery, Beijing, China.

2011-Paint Beyond The Frame  Feizi Gallery, Shanghai, China.

2010-Visual Flux –Easel Painting Research Exhibition 1 – Space and Energy  Qinghe Current Art Center, Nanjing, China.

2009-Young Artists Promotional Exhibition “Re-experimentation: a reaffirmation of enlightenment and will”, Beijing 798 Art Festival, China.

2009-First Chongqing Biennale for the Young Artists. Chongqing, China.

2009-Obstruction, A Thousand Plateaus Art Space, Chengdu, China.


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