Ma Jun
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Ma Jun

1974 Born in Qingdao / China

1999 Graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Sculpture at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing / China

2003 Graduated with a Masters Degree in Sculpture at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing / China

since2003 Teaching Position at the Communication University of China, Beijing / China 

Lives and works in Beijing / China 


2011     54. Biennale Venice 2011, Venice / Italy

Solo Exhibitions 

2014   Immaterial Substance                                        schultz contemporary, Berlin / Germany

         Ink- Linguistic Experiment and Experiential Space      Being 3 Gallery, Beijing / China

2012   fragile                                                             Galleris.e., Bergen / Norwegen

2011   porcelain.porsche                                              Crow Collection of Asian Art, Dallas, TX / USA

2009   China.Car                                                        Michael Schultz Gallery Beijing / China

          Pop Dynasty                                                    Krampf Gallery New York / USA

2003    A Performance About Car With Clay Sculpture        Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing / China

Group Exhibitions


2014 paper work                                              Michael Schultz gallery, Beijing, china

       biennale china and italy                               798 art district; su 3 district 

2013 Micro Migration                                         Bei tang, Tianjin, China

2012 do a book                                               white space gallery Beijing, China

       The Third Guangzhou Triennial                    Guangdong museum, Guangzhou, China

       Shuffling the cards 1st round                       HilgerBROTkunsthalle, Wien / Austria

       Visions of Paradise                                     Python Gallery, Zurich / Switzerland

       United Art Scramble                                  With Space Gallery, Beijing / China

2011 Meissen art CAMPUS                                 Der Neue Anfang, Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig / Germany

       Personal Structures                                   54. Biennale Venice 2011, Palazzo Bembo, Venice / Italy

       EASTSIDE                                               Aktuelle Positionen chinesischer Kunst,
                                                                         Galerie Michael Schultz, Berlin / Germany

        Peekaboo                                               CAS, Salzburg / Austria

2010  China Welcomes You                               Begegnungen 2010,Stadtmuseum Oldenburg / Germany

        Silly Gooses Live in The Dark                      UF 6 Projects, Berlin / Germany

        All the Great Modern Things                       SchlossMochental / Germany

2009  FLOWER POWER                                     Craa Centro di ricerca arte attuale Villa Giulia, Verbania /Italia

        China Total                                             Kunsthalle Rostock, Rostock / Germany

        Springtide                                               Contemporary Sculpture Art Exhibition,    Qingdao / China

        Chinese Pop                                            Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche, Osnabrück / Germany

2008  cai + he                                                1918 Gallery, Shanghai / China

        hirschwegeinundzwanzig                             Kunstverein Coburg, Alte Darre, Coburg / Germany

2007  Craftivity                                                Greenlease Gallery, Kansas / U.S.A.
         beijing+paris+barcelona                            Espace Ample Cultural, Barcelona / Spain              
        end.endless                                            Xintiandi, Shanghai / China

        Fresh Wind from Beijing                            Gwangju Museum, Gwangju / Korea

        Ma Jun and Huang Min Art Exhibition            L.A. Gallery, Frankfurt am Main / Germany

        River of Time                                          Osage Gallery , Hongkong / China

        New works of Ma Jun and Huang Min           Espace Ample Cultural, Barcelona / Spain

2006  transforming China                                   L.A. Gallery, Beijing / China

        Unclear and Clearness                               HeyriFoundition, Seoul / Korea

        Opening Road                                          Songzhuang Art Area, Beijing / China

2005  A Tale of two Cities                                  Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing / China

         Linked with Life                                       3818 Gallery, Beijing / China

2003  Ten Artists                                             Sanhe Art Area, Beijing / China

2002  Jinze International Sculpture Exhibition           Duomo Academy of Fine Art, Jinze / Japan 

2001  West Lake International Sculpture Exhibition  Xihu Art Space, Hangzhou / China

        Qingdao Contemporary Sculpture                 Sculpture Museum, Qingdao / China


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